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Cottage Advisors: Building Cottages. Creating Memories
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Advantages to Municipalities

  • High tax revenue from efficient land re-use
  • No additional children in school system
  • Minimal impact on municipal services
  • Boost to local economy by leveraging local contractors and businesses
  • Aesthetically pleasing and consistent with local architectural styles

Seasonal Communities Offer Significant Year-Round Benefits

Cottage Advisors: classic summer vacations Cottage Advisors develops land to maintain the natural beauty of the site and the heritage of the area, while creating a haven for middle and upper middle income buyers who want to recapture an old-fashioned leisure time experience. We work closely with land planners, town officials and local businesses to create well-built communities that contribute to the local economy and reflect local traditions and architectural standards.

Hallmarks of our approach include:

Seasonal Condominium Cottages
These communities are not built for year-round living. They are specifically designed as a break from the "daily routine." Each community is closed for a portion of the year according to the climate and seasonal recreation options of the particular area. By closing, we can be confident that our original vision is not compromised and municipalities benefit from a significant increase in tax revenue with minimal demand on town resources. Each cottage owner pays property taxes and a year-round condominium fee that covers operational expenses, including any municipal services.

One of the greatest municipal benefits is that these communities have zero impact on the school systems.

Business Models Based Upon Community Preferences
Our communities are built within destination locations and we have created a flexible business model which enables us to align with the municipalities' goals. In some cases, the town relies upon tourism and is very interested in a rental component. In towns that are primarily residential, tourism may hold little appeal, but a seasonal resort for cottage owners is quite attractive.

We work closely with municipalities to determine whether a seasonal resort community, in which owners rent their cottages to the vacationing public, or a seasonal recreational community, in which cottages are occupied by their owners, is more suitable. If a resort community is desired, a management company will support all aspects of the rental and tourism business.

Cottage Advisors provides a management company to manage and support a cottage rental program in communities that rely on tourism to create jobs and revenue.

Sensitive Site Preparation & Building Techniques
We select special sites that are often breathtakingly beautiful and close to water. Our goal is to preserve each site's natural beauty and heritage, not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because the cottage buyers want to relax in beautiful, natural surroundings. In the past, we have commissioned archaeological digs, restored original buildings, rebuilt stone walls, hand cut trees for cottage lots, installed environmentally superior wastewater treatment systems and even reproduced old barns in our quest to remain good custodians of the land.

We use "green" building techniques to minimize the environmental impact of our communities.

Extensive On-Site Amenities & Activities
Swim, play tennis, shoot hoops, play horseshoes, work out, listen to a comedian, try Karaoke, meet friends for a card game, catch an outdoor movie. A central ingredient of our cottage community concept is on-site FUN. Cottage owners love the fact that they don't have to leave the community in search of something to do, and municipalities love the fact that cars tend to stay put once they arrive at the community.

Traffic studies at existing communities have shown that our residents take 75% fewer trips per day than residents of the average single family home.

Local Partnerships
No two Cottage Advisors communities are alike because each one is created independently by its own team of local partners. Cottage Advisors acquires land, works with municipalities, and assembles a team of knowledgeable planners and engineers to obtain permits for the construction. In some cases, the partner may be the landowner who wants his or her land put to the best possible use.

Cottage Advisors leads the team in the development and marketing of the community.

Local Contractors
Whenever possible, our partnership will use local architects, builders, landscapers, carpenters, painters, interior designers, and other business people to create a community. Our management team affiliates are available on a consulting basis to offer guidance and support as needed.

This approach results in a significant boost to the local economy and a boost in quality as local trades people work to craft a community they can be proud of in their own hometown.