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Cottage Advisors: Building Cottages. Creating Memories
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Cottage neighborhoods provide a means for municipalities to:

  1. Meet affordable housing goals in an attractive way
  2. Preserve more useable open space
  3. Maximize land use
  4. Provide appealing housing options to retain young people and seniors in their hometowns
  5. Enhance the tax base without adding children to the local school system

Weaving Neighborhoods into the Fabric of the CommunityCottage Advisors: classic summer vacations

Cottage Advisors works with local land planners and town officials to create well-built, affordable cottage housing that is designed for singles and couples without children. Our goal is to create neighborhoods that enhance the feeling of community within a town and reflect local tastes and traditions. We do this through:

Efficient Land Use
Traditional residential zoning contributes to sprawl by favoring spacious single-family homes on large lots. New homes are typically segregated in subdivisions that are located farther and farther from town centers because that is where large land parcels are still available. Where zoning permits, Cottage Advisors takes the opposite approach and looks for opportunities to make the most of small parcels close to town or urban centers.

It is possible to create an entire neighborhood out of a vacant lot by clustering cottages close together around shared open space.

Emphasis on Quality
Each cottage home is carefully designed and built with a focus on efficiency, low-maintenance and quality.

More efficient land use and the compact cottage size mean that a greater percentage of financial resources can be allocated to special design elements, finishes, building materials and landscaping for each home.

Commitment to Affordability
Given a choice, most people prefer to live in a single-family home. Unfortunately, many people don't have that choice because they can't afford a single-family house in their hometown. Our cottages offer buyers the chance to own small, well-designed, high quality, single-family homes in neighborhoods designed to foster a sense of community.

Cottage Advisors is dedicated to provide another option on the housing menu so that median-income buyers can realize their dream of single-family homeownership.

Local Partnerships
Cottage Advisors partners with local trades people, builders and even investors to create each new community.

Local partnerships ensure that pocket neighborhoods reflect local architectural traditions and are sensitive to local preferences.

Local Contractors
Whenever possible, our partnership will use local architects, builders, landscapers, carpenters, painters, interior designers, and other business people to create a community. Our management team affiliates are available on a consulting basis to offer guidance and support as needed.

Our approach results in a significant boost to the local economy and a dedication to quality as local trades people work to craft a community they can be proud of in their own hometown.