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Cottage Advisors: Building Cottages. Creating Memories
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Cottage housing provides an option that preserves the privacy and personal space of a detached house in a smaller and less costly unit... For those looking for a detached house, cottages provide a way to trade quantity of space for quality of space.

From a report on cottage housing development issued by The Housing Partnership, Seattle, WA in March 2000.



Introducing the Cottage Solution

Cottage Advisors: classic summer vacationsCottages are a reminder of days gone by when neighbors visited on front porches and life just seemed a little simpler. They evoke memories of classic summer vacations, or wistfulness for a time before media rooms and private master suites, when free time was spent with friends and family.

Today's homeowners are increasingly turning to cottages to recapture a simpler lifestyle. Cottage Advisors develops and builds cottage communities that meet this demand, while resolving today's land use and affordability issues.

Less is More
Land has become expensive. Unfortunately, expensive land means that most developers need to build large, expensive homes on a site in order to make a profit. We take a different approach. We believe that building smaller is smarter. Smaller homes connected with more community space make better, more efficient use of land and foster more interaction between neighbors. Since land costs are spread among multiple residences, more money is available for the architectural details and quality building materials that make a home special.

Our Mission
Our goal at Cottage Advisors is to combine optimal use of land with efficient home designs to restore affordability and quality to primary and secondary residences in North America. We achieve this goal by developing and building cottage communities for both recreational and year-round living.