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Cottage Advisors: Building Cottages. Creating Memories
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The Cottage Tradition
Howard Hall, founder of Cottage Advisors LLC, first came to Canada to fish a few decades ago. Drawn by spectacular scenery, good friends and plentiful fish, he has come back year after year. In addition to many wonderful experiences, Howard has acquired a deep appreciation for the simple, outdoors-oriented cottage lifestyle that so many Canadians enjoy.

Cottage Advisors Canada

When Howard started Cottage Advisors in the U.S., his fishing friends in Canada urged him to consider some areas in Canada for his cottage resort communities. In 2008, he founded Cottage Advisors of Canada with one of his fishing partners, Jim Lawley, Director of Killam Properties and the force behind the recently constructed Marriott in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Cottage Advisors of Canada guides the creation of classic recreational cottage communities in special locations throughout the country. The company works with local development teams to ensure that every community reflects the architectural heritage and cottage traditions of the area in which it is located.